Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What is a good age to start drum lessons? 

It can depend a lot on the individual.  Most of my students start the year they get into the school band, if not the year before.  Ages 8-10 are when most of my students start taking lessons.

2)  Am I too old to learn how to play drums? 

You are never too old to learn an instrument.  The fact is that you can enjoy music throughout your whole life.  It keeps your mind alert, and the coordination used in drum set playing helps your reflexes.  It is not like playing a sport where you might need the strength and flexibility to be competitive; music is not a competition.

3)  How long a lesson is best for me? 

As each student has different needs and goals, I offer customized time slots.  One-hour, 45-minute, and 30-minute lessons are offered, as well as a 40-minute beginner’s group lesson.

The 1-hour and 45-minute lessons are suited to the intermediate/advanced student who might be involved in extra music curriculum such as jazz band, drum line, solo ensemble, and worship band.  The longer lesson times are also beneficial for students who plan on attending college for a music degree or for those who simply like the results of a longer lesson.

The 30-minute lesson is great for the student who has been playing a short time or simply enjoys drumming but has other interests (sports, advanced classes at school that are time-consuming, etc.) – for the student who  plays drums just for the enjoyment of it.

The new 40-minute group lesson is designed for the beginner student, age 7-10, with a group consisting of 2 to 3 students.  Half of the lesson is 1-on-1 instruction with the remaining time spent in group playing. This is a great way to evaluate the students’ ability on drums/percussion and the continuation in studies on that instrument.  Feel free to contact me for more details.

4)  How long a commitment am I making when I sign up for lessons? 

You can choose to quit anytime; I just require a 3-week paid notice.

5)  What kind of instrument do I need to have to start lessons? 

You have many options.  You can just start with a practice pad or a snare drum.  We are able to work on hand development, notation, coordination, and rudiments.  All of these are great fundamentals and will prepare you for the school band.  If your goal is primarily drum set, then you will need to get a set.  I can help you with getting started on the right instrument.

6)  How much should I be practicing? 

I recommend 20-25 minutes for beginners; 30-45 minutes for intermediate; 45-60 minutes for advanced; and 1-2 hours for students looking to attend a music college program.  The key here is daily practice and perfect practice.

7)  Do I need to take piano lessons before I take drum lessons?

To be a well rounded percussionist, the school system recommends 2 years of piano for beginning students.  This is so the student can also play mallet instruments and tympani.  I do recommend piano lessons, but it is not mandatory.